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Steve is a seafood chef, product and recipe developer, seafood consultant, fish smoker and a co-author of the award winning Australian Fish & Seafood Cookbook. He is absolutely committed to excellence in seafood and passionate about bringing beautiful food to more Australian consumers. 

Steve’s grandfather was a fisherman and his parents were publicans. Steve grew up in pubs, washing pots and flipping steaks until he was 14 when he started an apprenticeship at Sydney’s infamous Bourbon and Beefsteak in the late 1970s. He then started working with mentor chef/patron Ron Hughes at the fine dining restaurant Our Pleasure. 

Hughes’ suggestion that Steve go and work with his best friend Greg Doyle led to a culinary relationship that lasted several decades and provided Sydney with some of its most influential restaurants - Puligny’s, Riley Street Bistro and East Side Bar and Grill. In 1990, Steve and Doyle opened what was to become Australia’s most famous seafood fine dining restaurant - The Pier at Rose Bay. 

In 2002, Steve opened a more casual seafood restaurant Fishface. It was here that Steve’s reputation as being Australia’s seafood savant took off. He soon became known as the “Chef’s Fish Chef” locally and across the globe. Then after a decade of working and cooking the finest seafood dishes in Australia, Steve closed Fish Face to mentor other chefs and encourage consumers to cook and eat more seafood. 

This year, Steve has launched his own delicious and expertly smoked fish products working with some of the best Australian producers in the business. 

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