Why do you only ship every 21 days?

We produce our beautiful trout products to order and everything has a very solid shelf life of 28 days (and the dip is 3 months!). This way, we can ensure whenever you make your order, you will receive the freshest trout from us which you can then eat for up to 28 days (although assume you will likely finish way before that haha). On this basis, we recommend you order enough for the 3 weeks before the next delivery date! It will keep the whole time in the fridge following our storage instructions, all good :)

When is the cut off for orders?

The earlier of the Sunday before our next delivery date or when we have sold out for that round. Given several items are limited (collars, wings), we recommend getting your order in earlier than later to ensure everything you want is available. 

Do I need to cook the fish?

No, everything is ready to eat as-is! :)

How should I store my fish?

For both hot and cold smoked trout - once open, please remove it from packaging (for larger quantities you don't finish in one sitting, we expect you'll get through a 100g pack very quickly!) and put in a plastic food storage container with a lid and keep in the fridge. Once open, we recommend you eat it within 3-4 days. 

Can I eat any of your products if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, according to the NSW Food Authority page, seafood must be cooked above 63C and consumed while hot (or reheated the next day to 60C) - both of which would ruin the taste and texture of any of our products so we recommend making a big order after the big day instead! 

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free so eat away! 

Are your products halal?

No, unfortunately :(

Where does your fish come from?

Our trout comes from a lovely multi generational family farm near Alexandra in the foothills of the Victorian Alps in north east Victoria, Australia - Goulburn River Trout. The trout are grown in the excellent water sourced from the Goulburn River, below Lake Eildon which is fresh, cold, and clear all year round. 

Goulburn River Trout has been certified for BEST AQUACULTURE PRACTICE (BAP). They are regulated by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of Victoria and Fisheries Victoria to ensure compliance with stringent water quality and comply with EPA discharge licences which have been set to a standard that ensures minimal environmental impact. As well as that, Goulburn River Trout's activities are third party audited.

Goulburn River Trout has played a leading role over the years in improving the Victorian trout aquaculture industry environmental standards: from working with fish feed manufacturers, to develop high energy / low phosphorus diets, to playing a major role in the writing of the Best Practice Environmental Guidelines - Salmonid Production, in conjunction with the EPA and Fisheries Victoria. We are proud to source our trout from them! 

Who smokes your fish?

Melbourne Cured is a boutique smokery in Victoria with whom we work - they smoke the trout to Steve’s specific recipe and over premium Yarra Oak wood chips sustainably sourced from the Victorian highlands. The smoking process not only adds to the flavour profile but also helps to extend the shelf life of the products.  

Owner Jody Scrutton is an award-winning fish and poultry smoker having learned his trade in Wales who previously supplied prestigious food halls, retailers, restaurants, celebrities and top chefs around the United Kingdom and Europe. Jody also won numerous food accolades in Europe including multiple coveted Great Taste Awards and these are just some of the reasons we trust him so much!